Stephen E. "Steve" Simon MBA, MA, Ph.D., CSP, NCC, LPC

Stephen E. "Steve" Simon passed away at home Thursday, May 27, 2010, after a lengthy illness. Born Dec. 31, 1934, he was the son of Philadelphia attorney Abraham Allen Simon and Ruth Mazer Simon, a local columnist and psychologist, both now deceased, and brother of younger sister, Linda. Steve held many public and academic distinctions and affiliations during his long career, those in Louisiana beginning in the 90s. Congestive heart failure debilitated his health, disabling him from completing his "fifth degree" at LSU (masters in social work) in the winter of 2008 with his hospitalization. Steve pre-planned donation of his body to LSU Health Sciences Center as one truly committed to increasing knowledge and help to humankind. Steve had recently found enjoyment participating in the Cajun Clickers Computer Club and his beloved Masonic Lodge where he was elated to receive the honor of his 50-year pin, and his attendance with his wife, Lydia Gleichman Simon, at the Jefferson Memorial Methodist Church, where a memorial will be held for him Tuesday, June 1, at 2:30 p.m. He wished upon his passing his gratitude to be expressed to Dr. Glen Gomes and Dr. Leo Blaize, along with his home health care nurse, Nicole Brant, and the agency's staff for their gentle, caring service. Steve will also be sorely missed by his stepdaughter, Tina Gleichman Torres, her husband, Isidro, and their children, Zachary and Jennifer; his stepsons, Karl Gleichman and Kris Gleichman; and his daughter, Ella.

Published in on May 30, 2010