Brian Dijon Knox
Brian Dijon Knox died December 30, 2015 in his apartment in Metarie, LA of a drug related death at the age of 40 years. Brian graduated from Woodlawn High School, played and loved soccer. Brian was the middle child of three boys born to Gwendolyn Watson Knox and Joseph Knox, III. He was this baby born with beautiful gray eyes. He was blessed with: intelligence, those gray eyes turned to a beautiful hazel, caring heart for the underdog, wit, he never met a stranger that he didn't find the ability to strike up a conversation with, he was always the life of the party, he burned the candle at both ends and to know him was to love him. But, he was a tormented spirit trying to deal with all of his past choices and there consequences. He just never seemed to get a break, always falling and having to pull himself out of one hole after another. He started experimenting with drugs in his teens and came to think that the only solution to whatever he was dealing with was drugs. They became his go to solution for every problem. He would say, "I can stop using anytime I want to stop" and there were times he did, but those times never lasted because when he was drug free he had to deal with all of the thoughts going through his head. Coping with life was not a skill that he ever acquired. He looked at everything as one whole pie and could not just take one slice out to work on it. Different treatment modalities were introduced into his life, but the pull of drugs were so strong until he always went back to what he could count on giving him the escape he needed even if it was for a short period of time. He never wanted to look at his addiction as an illness. As his mother I will miss him so much, but as his mother I will also no longer have to witness his pain or worry about this day coming because it's here. My one solace is that his tormented spirit has now been released from his body to return to the giver. We loved Brian with every fiber of our being, but none of that love could protect him from this world that we live in were drug are so accessible. They can be purchased online and mailed to your house or bought on the corner. Love your addict, know that they are sick, but don't let their sickness make you ill. If they could this is what they would tell you: Let Me Fall All By Myself "If you love me let me fall all by myself. Don't try to spread a net out to catch me. Don't throw a pillow under my ass to cushion the pain so I don't have to feel it. Don't stand in the place I am going to land so that you can break the fall (allowing yourself to get hurt instead of me) ... Let me fall as far down as my addiction is going to take me, let me walk the valley alone all by myself, let me reach the bottom of the pit ... trust that there is a bottom there somewhere even if you can't see it. The sooner you stop saving me from myself, stop rescuing me, trying to fix my broken-ness, trying to understand me to a fault, enabling me ... The sooner you allow me to feel the loss and consequences, the burden of my addiction on my shoulders and not yours ... the sooner I will arrive ... and on time ... just right where I need to be ... me, alone, all by myself in the rubble of the lifestyle I lead ... resist the urge to pull me out because that will only put me back at square one ... If I am allowed to stay at the bottom and live there for a while ... I am free to get sick of it on my own, free to begin to want out, free to look for a way out, and free to plan how I will climb back up to the top. In the beginning as I start to climb out.. I just might slide back down, but don't worry I might have to hit bottom a couple more times before I make it out safe and sound ... Don't you see ?? Don't you know?? You can't do this for me ... I have to do it for myself, but if you are always breaking the fall how am I ever supposed to feel the pain that is part of the driving force to want to get well. It is my burden to carry, not yours ... I know you love me and that you mean well and a lot of what you do is because you don't know what to do and you act from your heart not from knowledge of what is best for me ... but if you truly love me let me go my own way, make my own choices be they bad or good ... don't clip my wings before I can learn to fly ... Nudge me out of your safety net ... trust the process and pray for me ... that one day I will not only fly, but maybe even soar." Unknown Author. I wanted to share this with you because as a mother I made so many mistakes with my son's addiction. I wanted him to fall on me to cushion his fall, but that was not what he needed. If you have any loved one's who are fighting addiction, do everything possible to be supportive, and guide them to rehabilitation before it is too late. Goodbye Brian, we love you and miss you so much, life will not be the same without you. Mom, Dad, Shawn, Cardel, Kaleb, and a host of family and friends. Brian will be cremated; a memorial celebration service will be held on his birthday, January 23, 2016. The place is yet to be determined, but will be posted in the paper and on Facebook. You can also send me an email and I'll let you know where and time, at [email protected].
Published by The Advocate from Jan. 9 to Jan. 23, 2016.
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This came up on my memories and I reread it every time and I think about the lives that has turned around for young people because of the writing.
Gloria Martin
January 3, 2022
Another year is here and your message still resonates to mothers who have children with the addiction of substance abuse. I have followed your information and have grown. I try hard not to be an enabler to my son and sometimes I succeed and , other times I fail. Currently I am successfully staying away and not picking up any of his pieces. God knows that I try and still worry but, I know I can´t do anything but love him. Although, I don´t know you or Brian personally, I feel so much love and strength from your beautiful obituary. Please stay safe and thank you for your kindness in sharing. God Bless you and your family.
January 3, 2022
Natasha Bordelon
January 5, 2021
Thinking of you and your family my friend ~
Jennifer Allen
January 5, 2020
to all the good times we had at Woodlawn.
R.i.p brian.
Your friend Scooby.
Alfred Ennis
January 3, 2020
I didn't know you or Brian but, his obituary brought tears to my eyes because, I have gone through the same thing that you went through with my only son. God has a way of making things okay. I still pray for you and your family because I know Brian is fine. May you continue to be a strong black woman. I will always remember Brian and his story. Thank you for sharing and God Bless you and your family.
January 3, 2020
You crossed my mind homie, wondering where you were and how you were doing, never thought you were gone home... R.I.P my friend
Michael Domingue
November 21, 2019
I can't believe it's been 3 years. Not a single day goes by that I don't feel your spirit with me. The hardest thing I ever did was walk away from our relationship but you always said we would find our way home again, to each other. You are home now and at peace. January 19th, 2019 I'll be sober 3 yrs. I know you have helped me heal and I am at peace now. Most people never get to experience the kind of love we had and I'm so grateful for you. I love you and miss you! Love Tunia
Liz Radle
December 30, 2018
January 21, 2017
Thanks for Sharing. I was also an addict. The hardest thing I ever did was Stop using. I been clean for 14 yrs. Now. God Bless U and Ur Family...
January 14, 2017
Only a mother with a child that has an addiction could understand and those that do I pray this will comfort your hearts.
Norma Robinson
January 12, 2017
to Brian's mother that was so beautiful, and so real. what you wrote are the thoughts of us and so many mothers. God Bless you ♥
September 23, 2016
Thank you Mrs. Knox for writing such a moving and powerful message. I too lost my son Kameron, 20, to a heroin overdose on December 28, 2015. There is a stigma with addiction deaths. My son struggled to stay clean and never could longer than a couple weeks. I am a recovering addict myself. My son died a week before my 1 year sobriety date. By the grace of God and my complete faith and trust in Him I have stayed sober and have been almost 17 months. I pray for your continued strength and courage and again thank you!
Kim Badinger
May 24, 2016
Consuella Jones
May 4, 2016
Thank you again for sharing your testimony; I have made your sons' obituary a regularly part of my teach practices in addiction counseling with those in addiction/ recovery, as well as with their family members.
L Dunbar
March 7, 2016
No parents should have to bury their child ... my thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
March 6, 2016
This heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Love and prayers.
February 19, 2016
Dear Ms. Gwen I'm very sorry for your loss he will be missed Brian is so full of Life both will be missed as to my late baby brother Brian Agujar Januar 1 1977 June 4 1993. Our Almighty Father has a plan for both our Loved ones
Arnold and Monique Agujar
February 17, 2016
Dear Gwen & family,
Ricky & Brian were like twins!! I so understand each word you wrote because I lived it!! Praise God for His mercy and grace! I am so so sorry for your loss and I am praying for you all my new friend that God has blessed me with in our son's deaths.
Psalm 34
Barbara Smith
February 16, 2016
Gwen I was so sorry to hear about your lost. Your words touched my heart. I cannot imagine the pain of losing my son. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Latrice M. Williams
February 7, 2016
I am sorry to hear of the loss of your son. I felt something inspiring of your words I also lost my sister due to addictio. Gwendolyn Watson Knox please get back to me. Again I am so sorry for your loss.
Stephanie McGrady
February 6, 2016
I am sorry to hear of the loss of your son. I felt something inspiring of your words I also lost my sister due to addictio. Gwendolyn Watson Knox please get back to me. Again I am so sorry for your loss.
Stephanie McGrady
February 6, 2016
I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the pain of losing a son. I minister in the area of addiction and these words are so true. You are in my prayers today.
February 5, 2016
God bless you, Gwen. You were and are a wonderful Mother, and I will keep your family in my prayers.
February 5, 2016
Hello those kind eyes are now in the arms of Jesus, resting from the pain of this weary and unfair world. Gwen I speak Life to you in the areas that desire the Peace of God that surpasses all our understanding. Stay strong in Christ Jesus and know that God in His infinite Will can will always sustain you and your. Respectfully and lovingly yours
Judy Martin Davis Her Eminence LadyJaguar
February 4, 2016
Prayers for you and your family
j Hartwell
February 2, 2016
Dearest Gwen, I first heard your story on the local news in our city. I was compelled to reach out compassionately to you. Although I procrastinated, I just had to let you know how much I thank God for giving you the strength and courage to so openly speak of your son, Brian and the struggle that you and your family experienced. Our omnipotent God will empower you and your family as you attempt to deal with the void created by the death of Brian. Look to God for comfort and new strength. Always remember that God loves each of you.
Wilma G.
January 31, 2016
I struggle with addiction and it hurts to even think about my mom writing obituary. My prayers are with y'all and keep me in your please
Hattie green
January 31, 2016
So sorry for your loss. My son suffers from addiction also. Know that what you did for him is what you thought best for him....All out of love.
R Cart
January 31, 2016
So sorry for your loss,I also lost my son to addiction on 04/14/2015 and life has never been the same.
God Bless you and your family.
Lori Nardozi
January 31, 2016
Your family has experienced a sad and unfortunate event. Our heart goes out to all of you.
Ms. Irene
January 28, 2016

RIP brian
Nathan Johnson
January 26, 2016
You will be missed old friend. Prayers for you and your family and prayers for those still here living the same struggle.
Nicole King
January 25, 2016
I haven't seen you in about 12 years, but I was very sad to see you're gone. I knew you battled with addiction, but never thought it would take your life. You are a very special person who touched many lives. You are missed by many. As a man of God I know that He loves all of us, so I know you are in a much better place my friend. I can at least find peace and happiness knowing that you are no longer living hell on earth battling the demon of addiction everyday. I can also find peace and happiness knowing that I will see you again. That deep voice, great laugh, and great smile! I pray that all of your family and friends are able to find peace and happiness through our truly amazing Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. RIP and smile down on us bro!
Clay Waguespack
January 25, 2016
We will miss u B
January 25, 2016
Your words are so encouraging to other mothers who are experiencing the same situation. Thank you for taking the time to journal your thoughts despite the grief you are going through. I will continue to pray for your family and I request that you pray for our family and my son. God bless!
January 25, 2016
So sorry for your loss. I will be praying for you that God will give you peace & comfort as you continue to travel this long sad journey without your son. Life will never be the same but may you rest in Jesus care.
Joy Abbott
January 24, 2016
Ro and I Will miss you Brian!
Kristy Fulmar
January 24, 2016
Rest in peace bulldog
January 23, 2016
From one mother to another, thank you so much for sharing these heartfelt words. I feel your loss and your relief and pray your continued comfort and peace. God Bless
D Bonhart
January 23, 2016
Saying prayers for your family
Kandi Frederick
January 23, 2016
That was just beautiful..just amazing.thoughta and Prayers to your family...
Gina Chevarella
January 23, 2016
will always remember & forever love
ro cannon
January 23, 2016
To Brian's Mom. I don't know your son or family, but I had to let you know that you are an extraordinary woman to be able to use your pain and heartbreak to help so many others. I have never in my 60 years read an obituary that was so honest. You kept it real. You have taught other parents that are facing these same issues that cushioning the fall is not always the solution and it does not always work. My heart and my prayers are with you and your family. Thanks so much for sharing!
Debra Carter
January 22, 2016
What an amazing person you are to turn your sad story into something other people can use to help their loved ones battle addiction. May you and your family feel the warmth of God's love surround you during one of the most difficult times in your life.
January 21, 2016
Your story of your sons life has so touched my heart! As I read it I balled my eyes out, as it hit so close to home. MY YOUNGEST son has the life that your son did.I always thought that I couldn't ever give up on him, cuz no one else would care...30 years old, a beautiful 5 year old daughter (who lost her mother 2 years ago to drugs). He's a great person when he's clean,but that's few and far between. And everyday is a question if it's his time today. I will keep you and your family in my prayers...your Brian is free at last, but doesn't take your pain away!
Kathy VanderMarkt
January 21, 2016
May God continue to strengthen you and your family in your loss of a loved one. I will keep you all in my prayers.
Chiquita Goodloe
January 21, 2016
Dear Gwen, I am so sorry for your loss. I am dealing with the same thing with my only child. I have sheltered him and have always taken care of everything for him all his life and he is now 34 and I read what you had to say but I just can't let go and let him fall. I will pray for you and your family and ask if you will pray for me and my son, his name is Bryan also.
January 21, 2016
Kayla Williams
January 20, 2016
My sister died last June from her addiction.. I set her free and hoped it would work but unfortunately it didn't.. my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.. reading this has given me a little peace... Thank you.
Robyn Ferch
January 20, 2016
Sorry for your loss
Melvin Snodgrass
January 20, 2016
May God touch you and your family. Your son story has truly touched me. I have been taking pain pills for over 10years, and now I have realize I can't do this by myself. Reading this will help others.
Renee Smith
January 20, 2016
You are free to soar at last, Brian. Please say hello to my son Andrew, he is there with you.
Margie Borth
January 20, 2016
I grieved reading about your son and your loss. I will be in prayer for your family. I too, have a son who is prisoner to the drug dealer & drugs and this is one fear that our family has. But reading this has given me comfort and now I know what to do...I have to set him free I have done all I can. Thank you for sharing and encouraging me and hopefully others in setting our loved ones free. Our love, prayers, & blessings to you all.
Lodema Lines
January 20, 2016
Thanks for sharing your story,i pray it will help someone to see life in a different light...
Liz Calloway
January 20, 2016
Writing your TRUE BELIEF and FEELINGS have already walked into the HEARTS and SOUL of Many providing TRUE GUIDANCE and a need to CHANGE THEIR DIRECTION.
but LOOK how GOD has used that death to INSPIRE others to just WAKE-Up through your WORDS OF WISDOM.
Carol Foster
January 20, 2016
Praying for you and your family and sorry for your loss
Alice Garrett
January 19, 2016
May God bless you and wrap his loving arms and give you peace.Rest now my child. Good encouraging words help people all over cause we too are familiar and suffers with self,family, or friends with this disease I thank you for still sharing at a time of this praying for you and family
Tamika Jones
January 19, 2016
My prayers go out to you and your family and I am so sorry for your loss.
Michael Mills
January 19, 2016
God bless you and your family. Brian, be at peace.
Maria Smith
January 19, 2016
Brian rest in perfect peace. Mother thank you for sharing your story. May God give you strength.
Claudia Lewis
January 19, 2016
So sorry for the loss of your son will be praying for the family
princess Strickland
January 19, 2016
Thank you so much for your strength.
January 19, 2016
very powerful indeed for unfortunately.........i am also Brian. god speed Brian
Hardy Stepp
January 19, 2016
Sorry for your loss Mrs. Knox. May our Heavenly Father continue to watch over you and your family.
Kimkeisha Rivers
January 19, 2016
During the darkest days, the light is just ahead, waiting to lead you out. You are a very strong mother and you will get through this.
Donna D
January 19, 2016
That was beautifully written and heartfelt. I am sorry for your loss, god bless you and your loved ones and may he rest in peace.
Gladys Hurd
January 19, 2016
Thank you for your honesty. So many of us have addicted family, friends, etc.
I'm praying for you and your family.
Leslie Sharp
January 19, 2016
God bless you and your family.
Tonya Calhoun
January 19, 2016
Powerful words. Thank you for having the strength to write them and he courage to share them.
January 19, 2016
So very sad I know a few that this will get to them r.i.p. Brian
Mary Morris
January 19, 2016
January 19, 2016
Kayla Williams
January 19, 2016
January 19, 2016
I am sorry for your lose. My ex-wife sent this to me. Currently, I am in recovery and your words spoke to me. You are correct my recovery is my responsibility and if my ex-wife didn't love me from a distance I probably would still be using drugs. Although, she tried to help me out of love I had to experience my journey to recovery. I know Brain knew you all loved him but he could of been like me. I had to learn to love myself. You and your family will be in my prayers. GOD BLESS YOU
H James
January 19, 2016
Praying for your entire family.. your words touched me ..
Alesia Andrews
January 18, 2016
I will be praying for you. I lost a brother to alcoholism.
January 18, 2016
My prayers and thoughts are with you Gwen.
Thank you for your words of wisdom they have encouraged my heart.
January 18, 2016
My prayers are with you,I GOT TO LET MY BROTHER FALL AS WELL
Kayla Williams
January 18, 2016
Thanks for sharing this , I did not know Brian but rest in peace ....
January 18, 2016
Ms Gwen,
My deepest sympathy on the loss of your son, Brian, may he rest in peace, his struggles are over. Thank you for sharing publicly such a personal struggle, that obviously touches too many families today. You are a strong woman, whom I respect for doing this. LET'S ALL PRAY that this terrible epidemic of drug addiction can come to an end. Your writing has definitely brought the reality of this struggle back in the headlines. We need more discussions on this topic...Thank U and God Bless all addicts and their loved ones.
January 18, 2016
January 18, 2016
Praying for your family.
Jennifer Rose
January 18, 2016
I feel I will be writing something similar to this about my brother, soon. He's a 28 yr addict & im learning to move out of the way and let him fall! I pray for peace & understanding during the loss & sadness of losing your son!
Kathy Ragan
January 18, 2016
I came back to purchase this online site to make it permanent and see Legacy already did that. Instead I will make a donation to my favorite charity in your son's name. Bless you.
Carol Scheherazade
January 18, 2016
A candle to see your way...R.I.P. Brian...I don't know you but my heart feels broken for a loss far to soon...Praying in Atlanta for your family...may God Bless you all
Judi Harrison
January 18, 2016
I worked with Brian in car bussiness in Baton Rouge what a great guy and sweet spirit so sad to here of his passing! I was so blessed to have known him! Brian Chandler nick name Magic Man
January 18, 2016
My parents did the same for my two brothers. One died in jail and the other is on his way back to prison. My parents thought they were doing the right thing by alway "helping" them out. It breaks my heart how much both brothers broke theirs. May they both rest in peace. Thank you for sharing your story.
January 18, 2016
Thank you so much for sharing your message. My stepdaughter was tormented with addiciton until the day she died in a car wreck. We tried to help, but like you we failed, because we didn't have the tools or knowledge to help. The letting them fall part is something that none of us want to do, but it IS all that gives them a fighting chance. The car wreck was unrelated, just an accident, but we lost someone very special to us. We lost a 37 year old daughter and her 14 year old daughter, our grandchild, in that wreck. All we can hope for is that she is finally at peace.
Nickie Lingle
January 18, 2016
Gwen, what a beautiful tribute to Brian, may you find peace knowing you did all you could do, my prayers are with you.
Marie Thompson
January 18, 2016
Thank you for sharing this. It gave me a better understanding drug addiction. May God bless and heal you and your family.
January 18, 2016
Praying for your family.
Angela Kyler
January 18, 2016
Thank You For Sharing This Was An Amazing Obituary And Made Me Cry.. No Mother Should Have To Bury Their Child And We Want To Do Everything In Our Power To Protect Them. Rest In Paradise Brian And To The Family And Friends I'm So Sorry For Your Loss, But Like you Said He's Free Now And Returned To Paradise Free Of All The Heart And Pain And Drugs He's The Little Healthy Boy You Once Knew..
Kristyn Thomas
January 18, 2016
Your words are true. No one can help us, we must help ourselves. I have struggled with my own addiction and hit bottom many times. At some point an addict will get physically and emotionally exhausted by this process. Hitting bottom was the only thing that helped me crawl out of the loneliness of addiction. I am so very sorry for the loss of your son. I wish more parents would understand that disconnecting yourself from your addict child may just save their life. Sincere condolences from Dallas.
January 18, 2016
Sorry for your lost
Meeka Dee
January 18, 2016
God bless you and know that you've made a difference.
January 18, 2016
Mayme Golder
January 18, 2016
Thank u for sharing...R.I.H Brian
lashawn powell
January 18, 2016
Sorry for ur loss
Brenda Corde
January 18, 2016
I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for telling Brian's story and yours. Prayers for you.
Marla Knight
January 18, 2016
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